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HDI board


Layers: 12layers           

Application: Aerospace
Board thickness: 1.6mm
Material: FR4 S1000-2
Min. via diameter: 0.1mm
Board size: 6.42×4.22inch
Min. trace/space: 3/3mil
Surface finish: ENIG (RoHS)

Flex-Rigid board

Flex-Rigid PCB

Layers: 10layers

Copper weight: 1oz
Board thickness: 1.6mm+0.2mm Flex
Material: FR4+Polyimide
Min. via diameter: 0.3mm
Board size: 4.72×1.33inch
Surface finish: ENIG (RoHS)
Application: Medical
Min. trace/space: 5/5mil

Rogers board

Rogers PCB

Layers: 2layers            

Board thickness: 0.8mm
Material: Rogers 4350B
Min. via diameter: 0.5mm
Board size: 6.02×3.15inch
Min. trace/space: 6/6mil
Surface finish: LF HAL (RoHS)
Application: Microwave

Heavy copper board

Heavy Copper PCB

Layers: 16layers            

         Copper weight: 8oz               Board thickness: 4.0mm
Material: FR4 NanYa
Board size: 2.36×2.85inch
Min. trace/space: 12/12mil
Surface finish: ENIG (RoHS)
Application: Industrial Control

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